Friday 1 June 2012

Off to a flying start

We've been busily Tweeting away for just under three weeks and the Rare Bird Network website was launched two weeks ago. So, what's happened in this time?

With over 150 Twitter followers and almost 1500 web hits there's certainly been a good deal of interest.

Numerous hashtags are now being regularly updated by some of you, notably #rbnSFK #rbnKEN #rbnLND and #rbnGWY There are several other hashtags now in use but those mentioned are perhaps the most active at the moment. So if you've not adopted a hashtag yet, what's stopping you?

One possible reason is that you already use a different hashtag. If you bird in London maybe #LondonBirds or if you're a Gloucester birder #GlosBirds. But there's really no reason why you can't use an RBN hashtag as well, it only uses 7 characters of the 140 you can use in your Tweet! If sometimes you can't fit in one of our hashtags it's no great loss but the more you use it the more you'll help the increasing number of birders who are using Rare Bird Network.

We're obviously not going to see an overnight change in the way birders use Social Networking but it's hoped that will become a bit of a central point where people can visit us and pick up the relevant information that they need to find out what's going on and where. That's why we're also developing a comprehensive map of blogs and websites that are all regularly updated with bird sightings from across the UK.

What you've been saying about RBN on Twitter 

"...Have you seen this? Looks like beginning of a useful system...(it's) about setting up a national system. Need to introduce some common standards...Early days yet. Won't work if we don't all get involved."

"I think we should all use the hashtags suggested by Rare Bird network; it will benefit all UK Birders..."

"Come on Birders start using #rbnUK"

"@rbnUK the very best of luck. You have my full support. #birding"

For Rare Bird Network to succeed it's all about you, it needs your involvement, it needs you to persevere, it also needs you to encourage others to become involved. By helping spread the message of what we're trying to achieve (a free bird sightings service that covers the whole of the UK) you can make it succeed.

Thank you to everyone who's followed us on Twitter, used one of our hashtags and spared the time to read this. It really is appreciated! :)

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