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Below is a map with links to various blogs, websites and forums from around the UK. It is hoped that over time the map will become a useful resource if you are visiting, or new to, an area and want to know what birds have recently been seen. It may also prove useful for showing what birds are around further along the coast to a site you may be birding at.

Just click on a marker and it will bring up a link to the relevant site. Where possible the links will take you directly to the sightings page of the website.

All the websites are principally about birds and more specifically about bird sightings, obviously different interests such as other aspects of wildlife recording/observation creep in at times but unless the site has a strong leaning towards bird sightings it unfortunately can not be included.

If you have a website, or know of one that you'd like included on the map just comment below, send an email to or send me a Tweet @rbnUK with a link (and a grid reference or postcode if you wish).

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The colours reflect the regions; North-West England, South-West England & Channel Islands, North-East England & Yorkshire, East Anglia, Midlands (East), Midlands (West), South-East England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

If the website is very site specific the marker is positioned on that site, in other instances the website may cover a whole county so the marker is positioned roughly central in that county.



    Blog for Druridge Bay, Northumberland. (Centred on East Chevington)
    Ref NZ272993

    If you think it is worth adding

    Cheers David Elliott

    1. Hi David,

      Of course your blog is worth adding…just put it on! Thanks for letting me know about it.

      Best wishes,

      Rare Bird Network

  2. Huddersfield Birdwatchers Club forum:

    Sightings and news about birds and birding in the Huddersfield area.

    Barnsley Bird Sightings:


    Alf King